Callus Remover  

Perfect Gel to remove calluses and soften your feet.

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    This combination is amazing. First treat your calloused feet with the Lee Beauty Professional callus remover, be careful not to apply it to non calloused areas. After completing the entire callus remover process, rinse your feet, and dry off well! Wear your foot socks around your house, to bed or whenever you want to infuse your feet with aloe,...

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    Do you do at home feet treatments?  Lee Beauty Professional specializes in feet!. Our foldable bucket is a easy and convenient tool to soak feet in preparation for a variety of at home treatments of callus removal, dry skin, hard skin, cracking feet, athletes foot, wart removal and pedicure treatments.  Prep your feet in a bucket thats safe,...

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    There are a few ways you can remove unwanted cuticles You can use a cuticle oil to push back the cuticle leaving a filmy old skin residue on your finger tips You can use a cuticle trimmer that cuts off your old skin but leaves you with an open wound. You can use a cuticle pusher that is not sufficient by itself in really softening and pushing back...

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    Caution this remover is very powerful. As stated it is used in Professional Salons and Spas. Also to note LeeBeauty Professional holds no responsbility for misuse such as not wearing gloves when appliying to callused only areas. If this product causes burning immedialetly flush with water and consult your doctor. Also to note this is for Callused skin...

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